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A Word About this Organizer....
After all your hard work in gathering information and filling out this Organizer, we want to make sure that we receive it intact. With all the different browsers, editors, and mail transports, there is no one set of directions on downloading this document, filling it in, and transmitting it. This site has been set up to allow you, from your browser, to open the Organizer into an editor and to invoke your standard mail utility. If your browser is not set up to edit a file or mail an attachment, you may need to reconfigure your browser accordingly or simply save the Organizer to your hard disk and use your editor and mailer outside the scope of the browser.
Organizer Format: We have created the Organizer in MS EXCEL format (.XLS) and - when sent to us, electronically - we will attempt to read your completed Organizer using MS EXCEL. If you are using another editor to fill in the Organizer, please attempt to save the file in MS EXCEL format, if possible. If you save the file in another format, please inform me and make sure it can be imported by MS EXCEL.

Sending instructions for preferred method: (NOTE: Always retain a copy of what you send me.)
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Email Open and edit (enter your tax information into) the Organizer online, save it on your hard drive. When you click the EMAIL ORGANIZER option, the browser will throw you into a mail utility with us as the addressee. Attach the document and send it to me. Open the Organizer    Email the Organizer
FAX Do one of the following: (1) Open and edit the Organizer online (2) save it on your hard drive (3) print it out (4) fax it to me OR (1) Open and save the Organizer on your hard drive (2) print it out (3) fill it in (4) fax it to me: 214 823-7991
Mail Follow the fax instructions above but surface mail the Organizer to me (PO Box 140165; Dallas, Texas 75214-0165) instead of faxing it, keeping in mind how important deadline dates are when filing your return. Kindly email me a quick note indicating the post date.